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Now get your favorite racquet in “Ready to Play” condition so that you can be on the courts straight-away. Add your favorite racquet and add this product – “Squash Racquet Stringing” – and we will ship you the strung racquet .This service is available only for Pre paid orders, not for Cash on Delivery Orders.

We have a very technically sound stringing team who have been stringing since 25 years. The machine we use for stringing is the YONEX 8 PROTECH DELUXE (JAPAN). We can assure you about the quality of stringing providing you with the best stringers in the Squash circuit in India.


  1. Add your favorite racquet in the cart
  2. Add Squash Racket Stringing item in the cart
  3. Select your preferred Squash String.

Which string should I opt in for…??

Choose a string of your choice which you have been playing with or you feel matches your playing style. For the first timers there are three parameters to select a string which shall help you to select a string that matches your playing needs.

Parameter 1 – Power preference

Parameter 2 – Spin preference

Parameter 3 – Control preference

  1. Make the payment.

Please note that your delivery time will extend by 1-2 days.


The more you play, the greater the change in the tension of your racquet strings. Whether you’re looking for Squash racquet stringing or service of a different style of the racquet, the Squash Racquet Stringing team here with us is certified to perform custom stringing on your new purchase or restring your trusted racquet to get it back in shape.

Restringing ensures your game remains in peak form. You may feel that your racquet is losing its “punch” at the net. As tension in your strings declines, your strings stretch more at impact, cushioning the landing of the ball and minimising your racquet’s control effect. This leads to a loss of control and inconsistent play. Maintain your style of play by restringing as many times per year as you play each week.”

This service is available only for new racquets bought at www 

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