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Bat Knocking in Service

Cricket bats are made from willow which is fairly soft. Hence it is advisable to prepare the blade through the process of Knocking in so that it is ready to face the impact of high speed deliveries and to achieve optimal performance and longevity. In Knocking in, the bat goes through a process of oiling and hammering machine so as to make it ready to play and yield out its best.




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In Knocking, we have the following process –


Step 1 – Very light oiling of the bat is done

Step 2- Knocking of the bat with multiple hammers and turf balls by a digital machine.

Step 3 – Re-oiling

Step 4- Re knocking on the machine.

Step 5 – Toe guard is put on the toe (only if demanded)

Step 6 – Anti-Scuff tape on the face of the bat is done.


NOTE- Knocking in is only a general service, we cannot assure optimal ping until and unless the leather is hit on the bat. 

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